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I don't have much to say about the end of Veronica Mars. Though it's sad that it didn't find the audience it needed, maybe it's just as well, though I do feel bad for the people who wanted it to continue. I think I would've grown to dislike it eventually, even though I pretty much love every single character on the show. Because we all KNOW Rob Thomas would insist on putting Veronica and Logan back together and the finale pretty much showed me (again) that they are bad for one another. Read more... )

We'll never know what happens, but that's okay. I think I'm better off imagining the future I want for Veronica rather than Rob Thomas's, though I will very much miss the amazing dialog and one-liners this show gave us. "This wetsuit is like a cheap motel--no ballroom." Heh.
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Veronica Mars )

Okay, I'm sort of gathering that in some circles it's sort of fun to talk about what a prima donna Kristen Bell is. I dunno, maybe she is, but since I think it's pretty impossible to really know anyone in this business (except for Angelina Jolie, who is a FREAK :P), I'll reserve judgement. (I'd definitely be a prima donna if I had to be in almost every scene of a freakin' hour-long drama!) But I think she and Chris Lowell are pretty damn adorable together in that clip that I'm too lazy to look up right now where they're asking each other questions from notecards. I also read in some "blind item" somewhere that Jason Dohring had a huge crush on Kristen (even though he's married) and it was making Kristen really uncomfortable, so I think that it's affecting how I see Veronica and Logan--when they're together onscreen I'm really not seeing a huge amount of chemistry. But I'm hoping that the blind item isn't true, if only for Jason's wife's sake.

Hey, is Chris Lowell going to be on Grey's Anatomy tomorrow night? If so, I might have to watch it.

Oh, Dylan Walsh is going to be on next Tuesday's Law & Order: SVU. Yay!!


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