May. 25th, 2007 11:22 am
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OH NOES, Jake Gyllenhaal spotted sleeping. *is jealous*

Well, my TV season is done and gone (except I may tune into Hidden Palms and continue watching Rescue Me even though it was really weird last season), but I just caught this article on things we'll miss about The O.C.. Yeah, it's a few months too late, but I still miss it.

Pandagon looks at an ABC article that discusses the FDA approval of the new oral contraceptive, which stops periods. These are actual quotes from the article:
It’s unclear whether women will embrace this new pill, which contains the same formulations of estrogen and progestin used for birth control pills for decades, but its arrival marks yet another step toward the blurring of the genders.
WTF? So the only thing that makes a woman a woman is that she has periods. I'm sure all the post-menopausal women out there are happy to hear that.
As 21st century women dominate the universities and continue to climb the executive ladder, and metro-sexual men explore their feminine side, it’s harder to define what it means to be a woman.
OMFG. "Before it was so easy to tell who was a woman--they were the ones barefoot and pregnant. But now that they have jobs and rights and stuff, it's just so hard!" *pukes* Let's not forget this gem:
Lybrel, manufactured by Wyeth, stops the growth of the uterus, sending it into hibernation.
Because if you don't take this pill the uterus keeps growing until it takes over the woman's entire body. (Seriously, maybe the person writing this article should do a little research on how a menstrual cycle actually happens.)
But it is menstruation that has historically set women apart from men.
Nah, it's that women don't have penises, silly. :P


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