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I fully admit I am a cranky old trekkie so you've been warned...

I'm glad I saw it, but I am officially MEH on the whole thing. It was certainly a fine and enjoyable action movie, but it just didn't feel like Star Trek to me. The actors were all fine in their roles (especially the guys playing McCoy and Scotty)...but even with all its campiness, the original series was far more cerebral. Even Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, probably the most action-y of the TOS movies, was more thought-provoking than this was.

But maybe that's okay...maybe that's what people are looking for when they go to the movies these days. And it certainly seems that this movie takes place in a different universe than the old series, so none of the old series stuff is going to happen in this universe...but that makes me sad. It's sad to have a universe where Vulcan was destroyed and Kirk grew up without a father and Spock loses his mother so early. But that also keeps me from expecting too much from this series, because it's totally different now--a different Star Trek, not the one I loved so much. (I felt really weird when I saw Leonard Nimoy on the screen; it was like a doddering old man had wandered into the wrong movie. I was embarrassed for him. *iz ashamed*)

I did not think Chris Pine and Zach Quinto had very much chemistry, or maybe it was because they weren't in very many scenes together, or maybe they did have chemistry, just not the kind I was looking for. *snerk* And say what you will about William Shatner, he always had beautiful skin, and Chris Pine...doesn't (what, they don't have a cure for acne in the 23rd century? *cries*). And either he was too tall or Zach was too short, so they just didn't look right standing next to each other. I'm surprised that people are rediscovering K/S based on this movie, because it just wasn't there for me. Not at all.

Spock and Uhura did have some chemistry, but that so didn't happen in the original series so I'm going to ignore it. :P

In an article I read, the director or whoever said they didn't want this movie to end up being Galaxy Quest. The comparison is unfair, as Galaxy Quest was a loving send-up of Star Trek and its fans, not a serious action movie. But as campy as it was, it still felt more like the original series than this movie did. But considering the people who made this movie were not fans of the original (or even saw it, for that matter, right?), it's not surprising.

Cranky Trekkie out...
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