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Watched Smallville, enjoyed it a lot. Bizarro Clark was a riot, especially with Lois. I cried when Chloe died, though I was sure she'd come back to life. I wonder if she's going to die every time she uses her power to heal, or it will depend on how far gone the person she helps is, or what. Does this also mean she can't die, because she can always heal herself or what? Save Chloe, save the world. :P The episode was also notable for how little Lana there was. Actually I find that Lana herself really hasn't been annoying me recently, it's that AlMiles is still holding onto that Clark+LanaStarcrossedLoversMeant2BeButKept ApartBy ForcesBeyondTheirControlblahblahblahcakes thing and won't let it go. We KNOW they don't end up together. Isn't it time for both of them to move on? It seems to me Clark and Chloe could've easily had "let's console each other" sex. Heh.

Wednesday's Gossip Girl I enjoyed even more than the premiere. There was a bit of humor, mostly from Dan...I guess he's supposed to be the Seth Cohen character--pining for a girl out of his league. And there was blessedly little of Chuck who I really cannot stand. I laughed when I saw Tommy Gavin's ex-priest cousin playing Chuck's dad. Why would Serena's mom be involved with him? She could have anyone! How about a hot guy 10 years her junior?! I also want to know why two guys are pining over Serena. I mean, she's okay and all, but is she really all that? I would think Blair would be the one guys were pining over, considering she looks like Winona Ryder. When she and Nate were making out in the elevator I said to my husband: the Ian Somerhalder look-alike is making out with the Winona Ryder look-alike.

Desperate Housewives kind of annoyed me even though it had its funny moments. I don't know why, really, since all of my objections regarding last season's finale were at least sort of addressed. I had been annoyed at Edie's apparent suicide attempt, but now that it's been explained that it was a way to manipulate Carlos and not a true attempt, I'm okay with it. And I thought Bree's fake pregnancy was dumb because it's not the 50's, and her reasons for going through with it were explained, though still kind of weak--she could still raise the baby even if she were the grandmother. I really don't think she's going to do any better this time around, frankly, especially since Danielle is the mother and Austin is the father. Two strikes there already. :P (You gotta think that the characters are going too far when Andrew is the voice of reason.) Okay, don't get me started on Susan. The proper response when your neighbor is about to give you a gyn exam is, "I'll come back another time." And duh, of course she was pregnant. Is it going to end up being Ian's baby though? I can't remember the timeline. Gaby and Carlos--either put them together again or let them move on. Lynette--love your mother, bored with storyline. Okay so I still love Orson. So much.

Brothers and Sisters entertained me more than DH. I forced myself to watch the Nora and Kitty scenes even though I don't like Kitty. The only thing worse than a Kitty scene is a Kitty and the senator scene. UGH. And I'm really hoping we soon see the last of Joe. I really don't understand why Sarah would be married to him. She can do so much better. Saul...poor guy, I hope he feels comfortable enough to come out soon. No one should have to live his life that way. Tommy and Julie: boring. Kevin and Jason: HOT, though apparently the actor who plays Jason is now on another show. Woe. Nora and Holly: not sure what to make of it. I love both the actresses so I wouldn't mind their having scenes together's weird having them become friends, or even friendly. This show really does have a great cast.
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