Mar. 31st, 2013

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I enjoyed reading this post about how the male and female characters are depicted on Teen Wolf:

Scott, Derek, and Stiles are clearly the most well-rounded and psychologically plausible characters on the show. Though fandom has devoted a huge amount of time and energy to fleshing out the various ways their childhood traumas have impacted them as almost-adults, all this work derives from clearly established patterns and behaviors that the characters exhibit on the show. Scott, whose father abandoned him, has a lot of trouble with male authority; Stiles, whose mother died, is obsessive about protecting the people he still has with him; Derek, whose actions indirectly led to the death of his entire family, is a hot mess of self-loathing and misplaced aggression and a seriously pathetic (but compelling!) desire for somebody (ANYBODY) to like him. The show is meant to be entertaining, not unremittingly miserable, so the majority of its running time is devoted to action, but the plot generally has its foundation in the difficulty teenagers have in separating from their parents and becoming their own people. All three of these characters (Derek Hale may be in his twenties, but he is definitely suffering from a serious case of arrested development) reflect this in different and compelling ways.

The post then goes on to talk about how the female characters aren't nearly as well developed. I agree. I also didn't think season 2 of Teen Wolf was as good as the first season. I almost always enjoyed the show, but what they did with Allison in the 2nd season seemed to come out of nowhere and really affected my enjoyment of the show. How is Allison as a character supposed to come back from what she did? I don't even know how she can become a sympathetic character again. And the Gerard and Victoria stuff was kind of a mess. Who was in charge again? It wasn't the women!

This weekend, tumblr is flailing with the news that for season 3, Possible spoilers )

Right now I'm hoping to see a couple of things in the new season--Derek learning how to trust again (I kind of have a thing for Derek, all right? I've had it since episode two) and MOAR COACH FINSTOCK!


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